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Sushi Restaurant KOKOMO is operated by Thirty Five F & B Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.,  established as a subsidiary of Japanese parent company in August 2017.  Kokomo JB Malaysia outlet is the first one to be opened in the Southeast Asian region in 2018. 

We want to give the opportunity to everyone living and visiting in the area, to enjoy our authentic and popular Japanese cuisine and delicacies from the Shikoku region. Traditional sushi (vinegar with rare sugar in 100% quality Japanese rice) and wagyu are our specialty dishes, among other servings in our menu.

As part of our service, we work hard to ensure that our customers are delighted with the right ambience, hence our Japanese styled outlet interior design, plus our very own proprietary Shinkansen  (our high-speed rail), helping us to deliver orders to our diners in rocket pace!

We are humbled to be awarded with "JB Most Popular Japanese Restaurant"  since our establishment. ​​​​Our heart-felt thanks to all our valued customers and supporters!

​​​​​Our parent company, Thirty Five Co., Ltd., was founded in Kagawa prefecture of Shikoku, Japan in 1983. They are currently operating in nine direct-operated revolving sushi outlets in Japan, and are very popularly known as "Gourmet Revolving Sushi Restaurant" which serves local fresh ingredients.

​​​​​​​More details about our outlets in Japan here​​​​​​​ .

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